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    The Davinscot Group is a South African based supplier of garments to the local and international clothing retail chains. It has a unique advantage in that it can offer a wide range or garments manufactured in either its own local specialist factories or in the far east using its associated buying division which currently has offices in China, Korea and Japan.

    The group prides itself on being reliable and efficient source that ensures the customer is buying garments at the best value for money price depending on volumes, required quality levels and speed to market restrictions. If necessary, it can even offer a combination of local and Eastern manufacture, where high volume inputs are imported and then backed up with locally manufactured small run requirements.

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    • Local (8 locations)
    • International (5 buying / quality assurance offices)
    • Swaziland Joint Venture (high volume basic garments)
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    1. 3 Fully equipped warehouses providing 8200 square meters of full supply chain service to major retailers allowing efficient replenishment programs for core item garments.
    2. Various facilities providing full inspection, repair and price ticketing service to ensure imported goods are prepared on a store ready basis for delivery for local retailers.
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